What We Did on Our First Day in London

London Sightseeing

Call us crazy, but after spending 6 months in Southeast Asia, we were looking forward to the London weather… even in October. I’m sure being from Portland, Oregon helped. We aren’t fazed by a little rain or overcast skies. In fact, it feels refreshingly like home. Here’s what we did on our first day in London.

Well, we actually arrived at our London rental apartment around 10pm, after a 12 hour flight from Bangkok. We were exhausted and it was dark, so we put off exploring our new neighborhood until the next day, which with the time change meant 3am London time. Still too early and dark to do much sightseeing, but we had some breakfast and then made ourselves comfy in front of the fire while we waited for daylight.

London Queens Walk

Around 7am we set off on foot from our apartment in the Bermondsey district in south London, part of the London Borough of Southwark. Within 2 minutes we were walking along the Thames toward the Tower Bridge on a pedestrian walkway that is part of both the Jubilee Walkway and the Millennium Mile.

London Queens Walk

It was a bit chilly, but dry and sunny. A beautiful Fall day. We’ve been living out of backpacks for the last 6 months and our entire wardrobe has been geared toward the Southeast Asian climate. However, we’d been smart enough to purchase a sweater and some long pants for each of us before jumping on the plane to London. That said, none of us has a coat or warm socks. Thankfully, the weather gods must be on our side.

As we strolled along, it was blissfully quiet and uncrowded. It felt like we had London to ourselves. We wandered down an alley to Shad Thames where we purchased some warm sausage rolls for our walk. Partly because we were hungry, partly because we thought it would help warm us up.


We continued past City Hall to Hay’s Galleria, past the London Bridge, down around the Southwark Cathedral, through Borough Market, and then back toward the river to catch a glimpse of Shakespeare’s Globe theater and the Tate Modern. From there we crossed the Millennium Bridge and made our way to St. Paul’s Cathedral, then onto Fleet Street, up Drury Lane and Museum Street to the British Museum.

Absolutely perfect morning. Wouldn’t change a thing.