Wat Sri Suphan in Chiang Mai, Thailand


If you’ve traveled in Europe and toured several cathedrals, then you probably noticed that after a while they all start blending together and your bar for “being impressed” keeps getting higher. Well, the same thing can happen when you’ve visited several wats (Buddhist temples) in Thailand. After a while, you see and appreciate the beauty, but they can all start looking pretty similar. That’s what makes visiting Wat Sri Suphan such a wonderful and unexpected experience. 

Known as the Silver Temple, this wat is completely clad and adorned in handcrafted silver panels, ornaments, and friezes. The result is absolutely stunning. This Laana style temple was built in 1502 and it was the first temple in the world with a silver hall.

Be sure to find your way to this precious metal wat, which is located just south of Chiang Mai Gate in Wulai road.

Wat Sri Suphan
Address: 100 Wua Lai Road