Travel iPhoneography


When we were planning to set off on our year-long travel adventure, we knew that we were going to take a lot of photos. We debated whether or not to purchase a “real” digital camera or simply rely on our iPhones. With our limited luggage space and tight budget to consider, we decided to stick with the iPhones and purchase a few accessories to maximize their usability. We are four months into our trip we’ve learned a bit of “iPhoneography” and we have no regrets.

1. The iPhone Wrist Strap

There is something incredibly comforting about using a camera with a wrist strap or a neck strap. In the past, I’ve often been taking photos with my iPhone and been paranoid that I’d drop it or set it down and lose it. Then, I came across this iPhone Wrist Strap on It’s given me the confidence to whip out my iPhone to take photos while ziplining, riding an elephant, careening down the road in a Tuk-Tuk, and lots of other situations where I would have felt is was too big of a risk that I’d drop it. Honestly, I use it whenever I am holding my iPhone, not just for photos.

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2: Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens
olloclip-iphone-lens-1a6b.0000001386313212This clever pocket-sized lens system easily slips over the camera on your iPhone to provide a wide-angle, fish-eye, and two macro effects. The high quality glass optics come with tiny lens covers and a microfiber pouch to keep them all together.

I may not use these lenses for most of my photos, but they’ve proven very handy for those shots that you simply can’t capture with your iPhone as-is.

The downsides are that it won’t fit over a phone case and that it covers the sleep/wake button and part of the flash, but those are really problems for me as I generally pop the lens on, take a few photos, and then take it off.

Here are a few photos that I took with the 10x macro lens.

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3. Handleband
handleband-4013.0000001385332863This handy tool lets you securely attach your smartphone to the handlebar of your bike. It’s designed to allow full access and functionality of your smartphone while it’s in place. This means you can use it to video your ride, for navigation, self-guided audio tours, with your fitness apps, to talk on the phone, or to listen to music. Bonus: it functions as a bottle opener, too!

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4. Gorillapod Mpod
mobile-gorillapod-8fbc.0000001385669745This is a super flexible Gorillapod made just for smartphones, called the MPod. The compact tripod can either stand on a flat surface or you can wrap the legs around items such as a rope or a fence, etc. It also uses an expandable jaw grip that fits most smartphones.

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