In 2014 we set off on a Year of Nomadic Family Travel and it has been one of the best experiences in our lives. It was all about change, risk, adventure, and discovery. We took, what some would consider, a crazy leap of faith, and although we can’t say what the future holds, we wouldn’t change a thing. The experiences that we’ve had in the last year are more than most could hope for in a lifetime. We are amazed and so grateful when we look back on it all.

Most people visiting Thailand have “riding elephants” on their to-do lists. We were no exception. There’s been much debate about whether it’s cruel or right to visit elephant camps in Thailand and we certainly weren’t oblivious or indifferent to the concerns. In fact, we did a fair amount of independent research before deciding to move forward with our plans and selecting a destination that focused on providing a sanctuary for rescued elephants. You can read more about some of our thoughts on the broader topic here.

When we were planning our trip to Thailand, spending time with elephants was at the top of our list of things to do. And, here in Northern Thailand, there are abundant opportunities to engage with elephants. After lots of investigation, and educating ourselves about the long history between Thailand’s Elephants and Mahouts, we settled on Baan Chang Elephant Park and had an amazing experience there.