Like most people on the planet, we’ve always dreamed of visiting Venice.  Just thinking about Venice conjures up a sense of romance. The photos you’ve all seen are achingly beautiful. It’s hard not to imagine yourself strolling through the narrow streets, perhaps with a Classical soundtrack, and of course, at some point, you find yourself in a gondola. But what should you do if you only have 24 Hours in Venice?

Family travel let’s you be there for your kids’ milestones. The big ones, and the little ones. There are more “teachable moments” than you can shake a stick at.

One day we realized that our 9-year-old son did not know how to blow bubbles and we decided that it was time to remedy the situation. Up to this point, we weren’t purposely limiting his access to gum, but for whatever reason he’d rarely ever had it. Maybe 3 or 4 times in his life.

The path through the coastal forest is covered in crunchy limestone gravel, making a pleasant sound as we pedal our bikes. Everything about the experience is perfect. The weather is perfect, the bike paths are groomed and well-planned. The views idyllic. A perfect day for a bike ride in Rovinj.

During one of our easy hour-long rides we encounter rocky beaches with unbelievably clear water, limestone cliffs, Roman pillars, verdant forests, wide-open green spaces, and even a camping resort.

It’s not hard to understand why we love London. It’s one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world. Some come for the theatre, some for the Royal Family, some for the vibrant nightlife, and others for the shopping. For us, it was the history and the world-class museums. Walking through the streets of London, you will encounter over 2,000 years of history. What seems even more amazing is that it’s all in such close proximity. Within a few minutes time you can be within eyesight of Roman, Medieval, Elizabethan, Victorian, Mid-Century, and Modern sites. All blending (mostly) harmoniously into the cityscape.

When you are traveling, every once in a while you are struck by little cultural differences abroad. For instance, while driving from Croatia to Italy we noticed that there were (to us) an unusual and surprising number of red trucks on the road. Within a 4 hour drive we counted at least 40 of them. Semi-trucks, vans, delivery trucks, you name it. You may ask why this caught our attention and why it is worth mentioning. Well, we had plenty of time to think about it during our drive.