Bike Ride in Rovinj

Biking in Rovinj - Istria

The path through the coastal forest is covered in crunchy limestone gravel, making a pleasant sound as we pedal our bikes. Everything about the experience is perfect. The weather is perfect, the bike paths are groomed and well-planned. The views idyllic. A perfect day for a bike ride in Rovinj.

During one of our easy hour-long rides we encounter rocky beaches with unbelievably clear water, limestone cliffs, Roman pillars, verdant forests, wide-open green spaces, and even a camping resort.

Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula offers more than 2,500 kilometers of marked trails and bike paths.

In and around Rovinj, you’ll find 5 trails ranging from 30km to 60km with varying degrees of difficulty. Here’s a great description.


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