What’s a Real “Full English” Breakfast?

London Pub Full English

Is there such a thing as a real Full English breakfast? Well, yes, there is. And, when you get the real thing, it’s delicious. I had my first English Breakfast (AKA Full English, Fry-Up, or Full Monty) while visiting Ipoh, Malaysia. Malaysia was once a British colony, so I took a chance.

We were staying at the M Boutique Hotel for 2 weeks and breakfast was included in the price of the room. The hotel was very stylish and we loved our visit there. We’d definitely recommend it to others.

For breakfast we had two restaurants to choose from, we alternated between them every day. One of the restaurants served “Western Food”, which is a catch-all descriptor that you often see when visiting Southeast Asia. As an American this never fails to baffle. I can’t help but wonder, what exactly is “Western Food”? It’s roughly equivalent to seeing an “Asian Food” restaurant in the US. That’s pretty broad. In this case, it tends to mean pasta, pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, English Breakfasts, sometimes all of the above. Rarely, is it a good representation of anything I’d order back home. In general, we avoid these restaurants like the plague.

Anyway, back to my original story…
We frequently ordered the Full English, because it was a lot of food and we figured that it would help cut down on food costs if we stuffed ourselves at breakfast. It was indeed filling, but in terms of taste, it was nothing to write home about. Honestly, the idea of baked beans and a grilled tomato for breakfast always seemed a bit odd and unappealing to me. Now, to make it even less appealing, rather than toast we were served what I’d describe as a hotdog bun. I hate to say it, but Southeast Asia, doesn’t quite grasp the idea of good bread. It’s hard to find, expensive, and it’s generally of the Wonder Bread variety.

All that to say, I was not a fan of the Full English when we arrived in London. But, that all changed. We absolutely loved London for a million reasons, but it was such a treat to experience a truly delicious breakfast at a British pub.Full English at London Pub

London Pub

I have to say that the baked beans are growing on me and I have gained a deep appreciation for a grilled tomato with breakfast. Sausage AND bacon? You might think that is a bit over-board, but you’d be wrong. Eggs and hash browns as well? Yes, please! Mushrooms fried in butter. Of course! And, REAL toast. Oh, god yes! Finally, real toast.

I’m going to hold off on ordering a Full English again unless I’m in England. I just don’t want to be disappointed. And, I’d rather wait for the real thing. It’s worth it.