Pompeii, An Intimate Walk Through History


We visited Pompeii for the first time about a decade ago and to this day it remains one of the most surreal and awe-inspiring travel experiences that I’ve ever had. It felt like a waking dream to wander freely though a town that was inhabited nearly 2000 years before. As I entered the homes and businesses of people long dead and saw the remains of their daily lives frozen in time, I felt oddly connected to them and thankful to be immersed in the experience. Pompeii is a precious window into the past and a remarkably preserved one at that.


When Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano in August of 79 A.D., it was a resort town inhabited by wealthy Romans who were known for lavish spending on their homes. The evidence of this decadence can still be seen. As you explore the town you will happen upon colorful frescos, fountains, mosaic floors, courtyard gardens, and even indoor plumbing. 8124447_PompeiiGarden4

You can visit Pompeii’s restaurants, bakeries, public baths, amphitheater, and even brothels. There is still graffiti writing on the walls. It’s both fascinating and a bit unsettling to be granted such an intimate view of the city and it’s inhabitants.