Our 24 Hours in Venice

Visiting Venice

Like most people on the planet, we’ve always dreamed of visiting Venice.  Just thinking about Venice conjures up a sense of romance. The photos you’ve all seen are achingly beautiful. It’s hard not to imagine yourself strolling through the narrow streets, perhaps with a Classical soundtrack, and of course, at some point, you find yourself in a gondola. But what should you do if you only have 24 Hours in Venice?


When we discovered that Venice was only a 4-hour drive from Rovinj, where we were renting an apartment for a month, we decided a road trip was just too good to pass up. But, Venice is notoriously expensive, so we decided on an overnight trip. That way we’d have 2 half-days to explore the city, but we’d only have to pay for 1 night at a hotel.

We rented a car through Auto Europe and got ourselves a GPS. The drive was scenic and enjoyable. Boarder crossings and toll booths were painless.

There is no parking in Venice, it’s a pedestrian city, so we drove to Marco Polo Airport and parked in one of the lots there. At a cost of only €4 per day, it seemed the best option. From there we took a water taxi into town.

We chose the water taxi, although it cost €110, because we had such limited time and we also considered it a sightseeing experience. The taxi was very nice and roomy. It felt amazing to have it all to ourselves. Although, if we’d had an opportunity to split the cost with others, we would have. The taxis hold up to 10 people for the same price.

Venice water taxi

We were dropped off next to the Hotel Ala, where we had rented a triple room. The location was great, on a nice little square near the Grand Canal and within a few minutes walking distance to St. Mark’s Square.

Venice hotel

We decided not to waste our precious time waiting in lines, so we chose to skip all of the museums in favor of thoroughly exploring the city on foot.

Once we’d checked into our hotel we set off. There is no doubt that Venice has much to offer in the way of museums and galleries, but so much of what makes the city special and unique is the city itself. If you do nothing other than roam through the narrow alleyways, linger in the famous squares, stroll over countless footbridges, admire the remarkable architecture and engineering, and stop in at a cafe or two, then you’ve spent your time well.

The following photos were taken in the afternoon, evening, at dawn, and day time. The light was amazing no matter the time, but of course, dusk and dawn were the best.