Get Started with Long Term Family Travel

People often ask us how we got started traveling and what advice we might have for others looking to do long term family travel. We were recently interviewed by Family Adventure Podcast and we touched on these common questions.

Listen as we discuss what prompted us to sell our house and all of our belongings to begin our family travel adventure. Whether or not we have any regrets. The types of experiences we’ve had while traveling and what style of travel works best for us as a family. We offer advice for people that are considering long-term family travel and provide some useful resources that might help you get started. We also talk about how we handle homeschool (or worldschool) and our even deeper appreciation for teachers. And much more.

We love Family Adventure Podcast. It’s a great podcast that aims to inspire families to travel and dream big. We were a little nervous, but Erik is very easy to talk with and we had a lot of fun. Please be sure to check it out. For those families looking to be inspired or hoping for some travel tips, Family Adventure Podcast has a lot of other great interviews to check out on their site and their podcast is available on iTunes as well.

Listen here: Episode 51 – Taking the Scenic Route!