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We’ve Got Everything Under Control

You deserve to relax and enjoy your trip. We can help. Let us take care of your home and pets while you are away.

We offer professionalism, respect for homeownership and other people’s property, hands-on experience with simple DIY projects and ongoing maintenance, and a sincere love of animals.

Best Choice for Housesitting

We are a highly responsible couple that likes to keep a tidy house. We have owned and maintained 3 separate homes in the US over the last 20 years. We understand the responsibilities and the pride that come with being a homeowner. We’ve had 20 years of hands-on experience with simple DIY projects and ongoing maintenance and we’ve also hired tradesmen to do work for us.

Best Choice for Petsitting

We have extensive experience caring for and spoiling dogs and cats of all ages. We’ve adopted and potty trained 9-week old puppies (more than once), gently cared for senior dogs and cats, bottle fed tiny kittens, and taken our dogs out for 3 walks a day. We’ve managed countless trips to the vet and cared for a dog that required multiple daily medications.

We Love Pets

Why We Do It

We love to explore new locations, but equally enjoy the luxury of being “homebodies” abroad. Housesitting provides us with affordable extended travel and a fantastic opportunity for cultural immersion as we essentially become temporary residents.

No Cost to You

We don’t charge for typical housesitting or petsitting assignments. We see it more as a barter agreement. We provide you with piece of mind by caring for your home and pet while you are away and in return you provide us with a comfortable home while we’re traveling.

If you require services beyond our typical offering (described below), then we can discuss your specific needs and requirements and agree on a reasonable fee.

What to Expect

Clients may inquire about engaging our services by completing the form at the bottom of the page. We will respond to confirm availability and suggest a phone call to discuss the logistics of the assignment.

We generally recommend scheduling a “hand-off” meeting at your home the day before your departure. This provides an opportunity to meet you and your pet in person and do a walk-through of your home together. You can show us where to find items such as pet food, the breaker box,  water mains, garden tools, etc.


Upon your return, we’ll provide a recap that covers anything of significance that occurred while you were away. This may include telephone calls, minor repairs done, or any other incidents of note.

What We Do For You:

    • Ensure your home is occupied in your absence
    • Light housekeeping
    • Water house plants and garden as needed
    • Gather mail/newspapers/deliveries
    • Feed, walk and water your pets
    • Give your pets love and attention
    • Provide pet updates and photos while you’re away
    • Deal with any unexpected emergencies: pet to the vet, plumber, etc.
    • And we’re happy to discuss other requirements

What You Provide:

    • Comfortable home in safe neighborhood that is near amenities
    • At least 1 private queen-sized bedroom and either an additional bedroom or convertible couch
    • Reliable high speed Internet access
    • Kitchen stocked with standard appliances, pots, pans, plates, glasses, silverware, etc.
    • Laundry facilities
    • Clean sheets and towels

Ideal Assignment:

We are interested in long-term assignments lasting two weeks to a year. Locations outside the US are preferred.

Our Team

I am a software project manager and my husband is an engineering geologist, so we are both very professional, organized and capable people that can be comfortably relied upon to care for your home and animals while you are away.

We have a well-behaved and respectful 9-year old son that loves animals and helping out around the house.


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