Breaking Bread with the Locals in Paris

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When traveling to Paris, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have some fantastic meals. It’s hard not to. The restaurants, the bistros, the cafés, oh my! And who doesn’t love exploring the wide variety of food shops to gather items for a delectable picnic in one of Paris’ lovely parks or gardens? You really can’t go wrong.

As independent travelers, we love to explore on our own and at our own pace, but sometimes it would be great to socialize and grab a meal with some other people. Easier said than done, right? What if you don’t know anyone in town? How do you meet locals and make fast-friends?

The answer is: Supper Clubs. There are a number of websites geared toward friendly locals that offer home cooked meals to travelers. It’s a little like Airbnb for meals. The locals create a profile, describe themselves, the type of meals they can provide, the languages they speak, and what they like to talk about. The traveler simply reviews the profiles, finds someone they’d like to have dinner with, and makes a reservation with them. Prices vary, but generally aren’t much more than the cost of the evening’s grocery bill.

Here are a few websites that offer this service:



Live My Food

Jim Haynes