Visiting Chinese Temples in Penang


There are many beautiful Chinese temples in Penang. They tend to be a mix of both Taoist and Buddhist religions. As such it is not surprising to see images of Taoist deities alongside the Bodhisattvas of Mahayana Buddhism, all within the same temple. Many temples were erected and are maintained by Chinese family clans that immigrated to Penang.

They are beautiful to look at and we love to slip in for a quick visit as we are passing by. Here are a few that we enjoyed.

Yap Kongsi Temple
This temple, built in the Straits Eclectic style, is associated with the Yap clan, which traces its origin to 439 BC and migrated to Penang back in 19th century. It’s located at 71 Armenian Street.

Thean Hou Kong Temple
The Thean Hou Kong Temple is a Chinese temple dedicated to the patron deity of seafarers, Ma Chor Po, also called Mazu. Founded in 1866 and built in the Hainanese style, it was established by the Hainan Clan Association. Located at 93 Muntri Street.

Poh Hock Seah Temple
This is a clan temple of the Hokkien people who trace their origin to Southern Fujian Province in China. Established in 1890, it is most popularly known as the Hokkien Tua Pek Kong Temple, after its patron deity, the Taoist god of prosperity. It is located at the corner between Armenian Street and Cannon Street.