Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center


Located on the original “navel of the city” and near the Three Kings Monument, you’ll find the Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center. The center was created to promote the understanding of Chiang Mai’s roots, foster a sense of pride in local identity, and help preserve the beauty of local culture.

Chiang Mai Art Cultural Centre

The elegant and historical building houses 15 well-designed modern exhibits spread over 2 floors that showcasing the region’s development from pre-history until the present day. The displays are well done and informative. There were several very detailed dioramas that we enjoyed, but the lighting was a bit too low on some. Really just a matter of replacing some light bulbs.

It was particularly interesting to learn about the integral role religion played in the planning and physical layout of the city.

Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center
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Address: Municipal Court of Chiang Mai, Prapokklao Rd.
Hours: Open every day except Monday, 8:30am to 5:00pm
Price: 40 baht for kids and 90 baht for adults

Visitors can also buy a three-in-one museum pass, which includes entry to the Arts and Culture Centre and the History Museum as well. The cost is 80 baht for kids and 180 baht for adults.

Chiang Mai Art Cultural Centre Museum Map