Cell Phone Access While Traveling Abroad

If you’re traveling outside of the US and you want access to a cell phone, without the risk of racking up a staggering phone bill, then you have a few options to choose from.

1)  Go Global With Your Plan: This is an option if you’d like to use your own phone. Contact your wireless carrier and ask them to set you up with a global coverage plan for the length of your trip and then switch back to your regular plan when you return. This the most convenient, but the most expensive option.

2)  Rent or Buy A Phone: You can rent or purchase a cell phone upon arrival or you can order one over the Internet before you depart.

3)  Swap Your SIM Card: This is another option if you’d like to use your own phone and it is “unlocked”. Simply purchase a SIM card that works at your destination or worldwide. You can either order one online before you leave or you can purchase one upon arriving at your destination. If you choose the later, then you will need to research where to find these in your destination, but they can generally be found at a variety of locations such as cell phone kiosks and convenience markets.

4)  Internet Phone: If you don’t require 24×7 phone services and you have a smartphone, then you might consider simply using your phone when you have an Internet connection. Both Skype and MagicJack Plus make that possible, MagicJack Plus requires a one-time hardware purchase, with Skype you buy credit or pay a monthly fee. Just create an account, download the mobile app to your phone, locate a WiFi connection, and make calls at no additional cost.