When we were planning to set off on our year-long travel adventure, we knew that we were going to take a lot of photos. We debated whether or not to purchase a “real” digital camera or simply rely on our iPhones. With our limited luggage space and tight budget to consider, we decided to stick with the iPhones and purchase a few accessories to maximize their usability. We are four months into our trip we’ve learned a bit of “iPhoneography” and we have no regrets.

If you’re traveling outside of the US and you want access to a cell phone, without the risk of racking up a staggering phone bill, then you have a few options to choose from.

1)  Go Global With Your Plan: This is an option if you’d like to use your own phone. Contact your wireless carrier and ask them to set you up with a global coverage plan for the length of your trip and then switch back to your regular plan when you return. This the most convenient, but the most expensive option.